Apprenticeship Program Coordinators

Union Building Programs
Trade Director/Coordinator Telephone
Heat and Frost Insulator Bernard Alvarez 808-521-6405
Boilermaker Jacob Evenson (Arizona) 480-239-9950
Bricklayer/Ceramic Tile Patrick Coronas/Ikaika Castillo 808-848-0565
Cablevision/TeleCommunication Mimi Sroat 808-847-0629
Carpenter/Drywall/Lathers/Millwright Edmund Aczon 808-848-0794
Cement Finisher/Plasterer Zach Bonilla/Richard Daos 808-848-0565
District Council 50, Director Sean Cordero 808-947-6606
Elevator Constructors Evan Fong 808-536-8653
Floor Layer Paterno Asuncion 808-947-6606
Glazier Orlando Gante 808-947-6606
Ironworker Fabricator Glenn Eugenio 808-671-4344
Ironworker Reinforcing Steel/Structural Glenn Eugenio 808-671-8225
Laborer Francis Tau'a 808-455-7979
Mimi Sroat Electrician Industrial 808-847-0629
Operating Engineer Michael Akau 808-232-2001
Painting & Decorating Breanne Geronimo 808-947-6606
Plumber/Refrigeration & Air Conditioning/Pipe Fitter/Steam Fitter/Sprinkler Fitter Dean Kobashigawa 808-456-0585
Roofer Enrique Subiono 808-847-5757
Sheet Metal Worker Leo Peralta 808-841-6106
Taper Mario Manrique-Garcia 808-947-6606
Union Building Maintenance Programs
Trade Director/Coordinator Telephone
City & County Derek Kiyota/Debra Martinson 808-768-8548
Electrical Maintenance Derek Kiyota/Debra Martinson 808-768-8548
HARIETT (Building Maintenance) James Hardway 808-380-6020
Non-Union Building Programs
Trade Director/Coordinator Telephone
Carpenter Independent (ABC) Shannon Richardson 808-845-4887
Electrician Independent (ABC) Shannon Richardson 808-845-4887
HonCC Apprenticeship Office James Niino 808-844-2340
HonCC Apprenticeship Office Guy Shibayama 808-845-9247
Painter Independent (ABC) Shannon Richardson 808-845-4887
Painter Independent (Color Dynamics) David Onerheim 808-848-7000
Painter Independent (Kawika) David Dunham 808-848-0003
Plumber Independent (ABC) Ken Wilson 808-845-4887
Roofer Independent (ABC) Ken Wilson 808-845-4887
Sheet Metal Worker Independent (ABC) Ken Wilson 808-845-4887

About Our Organization

An educational opportunity is sweeping the nation and we caught the wave with our very first Construction Career Days (CCD) event on October 25 & 26, 2007 at Honolulu Community College (HCC).

Nearly 600 Oahu high school students from 23 different schools were introduced...more