Apprenticeship Program Coordinators

Union Building Programs
Trade Director/Coordinator
Heat and Frost Insulator Bernard Alvarez
Boilermaker Jacob Evenson (Arizona)
Bricklayer/Ceramic Tile Patrick Coronas/Ikaika Castillo
Cablevision/TeleCommunication Mimi Sroat
Carpenter/Drywall/Lathers/Millwright Edmund Aczon
Cement Finisher/Plasterer Zach Bonilla/Richard Daos
District Council 50, Director Sean Cordero
Elevator Constructors Evan Fong
Floor Layer Paterno Asuncion
Glazier Orlando Gante
Ironworker Fabricator Glenn Eugenio
Ironworker Reinforcing Steel/Structural Glenn Eugenio
Laborer Francis Tau'a
Mimi Sroat Electrician Industrial
Operating Engineer Michael Akau
Painting & Decorating Breanne Geronimo
Plumber/Refrigeration & Air Conditioning/Pipe Fitter/Steam Fitter/Sprinkler Fitter Dean Kobashigawa
Roofer Enrique Subiono
Sheet Metal Worker Leo Peralta
Taper Mario Manrique-Garcia
Union Building Maintenance Programs
Trade Director/Coordinator
City & County Derek Kiyota/Debra Martinson
Electrical Maintenance Derek Kiyota/Debra Martinson
HARIETT (Building Maintenance) James Hardway
Non-Union Building Programs
Trade Director/Coordinator
Carpenter Independent (ABC) Shannon Richardson
Electrician Independent (ABC) Shannon Richardson
HonCC Apprenticeship Office James Niino
HonCC Apprenticeship Office Guy Shibayama
Painter Independent (ABC) Shannon Richardson
Painter Independent (Color Dynamics) David Onerheim
Painter Independent (Kawika) David Dunham
Plumber Independent (ABC) Ken Wilson
Roofer Independent (ABC) Ken Wilson
Sheet Metal Worker Independent (ABC) Ken Wilson

About Our Organization

An educational opportunity is sweeping the nation and we caught the wave with our very first Construction Career Days (CCD) event on October 25 & 26, 2007 at Honolulu Community College (HCC).

Nearly 600 Oahu high school students from 23 different schools were introduced...more